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Nomination Requirements

Please carefully read through nomination requirements before starting nomination form. 

1. Complete the Nomination Form. This includes contact information for the nominee, nominator, and the nominee overview. 

2. Three letters of support that convey the nominee's achievements as they relate to the award criteria (see below).

3. Photo of the nominee, that may appear on the website and will be used for those nominated for 7 Teachings Award. 

Terms and Conditions
1. Please ensure you have nomination documentation:

A) 3 Letters of Support for the Okimaw Award (2 professional, 1 personal).

Professional letter of support can be from any agency, company, government or charitable organization from the nominee's home community/region. 

Upload PDF copies of the letters to the submission form on our website.

B) The 7 Teachings Awards do not require a letter of support, only the nomination form.

C) 1 Photo of the Nominee that will not be returned (digital copy preferred).

2. Additional Materials are not necessary, only the required documentation (Letters of Support) will be reviewed by the Selection Committee. 

3. Self-nominations will not be accepted. 

4. Letters of Support from the nominee will not be accepted. 

5. Required documentation must be received before the nomination closing date, July 19th, 2024 at 11:59 PM MST. 

6. If you have any questions, please reach out to (our email 

The Award Categories

Indigenous men who have been nominated by members of their community and demonstrate the gifts and qualities outlined below, for the Okimaw Awards first annual event, will be selected by an Awards Committee. Although these teachings are universal, with respect we acknowledge that the teachings may differ by Treaty, Métis and Inuit. One heart, one mind, one drum. Seven Teaching Awards To acknowledge and honor the sung and unsung Indigenous men in the community by using traditional values. Humility - Wolf Like the wolf, this person is always there showing loyalty, compassion and purpose. They work to provide for their tribe from a place of humility. Honesty - Raven Like the Raven, this person carries their self with confidence and dignity, accepting and believing in themselves to survive and thrive. Respect - Buffalo Like the buffalo, this person provides for others such as food, clothing and shelter. This person always protects others, treating them with dignity and honor. Courage - Bear Like the bear, this person has shown the strength to overcome challenges and fear that hold us back from being our true self. Wisdom - Beaver Like the beaver, this person lives their life based on their unique gifts to make their community healthier and stronger and direct their life’s journey. Truth - Turtle Like the turtle, this person seeks to understanding the language of the Creator. They are patient, supportive and never give up. Love - Eagle Like the eagle, this person uses unconditional love as a powerful medicine to care for their self, their family, their community and all creation. OKIMAW AWARDS Service and Public Safety This nominee is or was a member or the police, military, firefighters, emergency services etc. Through their work they represented their cultural roots; acted as a peacemaker who builds reconciliation and goes above and beyond in their service. Cultural Revitalization This nominee seeks to understand teachings given to us by the Creator, mentors others while working to restore Indigenous language, social organization and spirituality. Jimmy Herman Creative Arts Award The nominee demonstrates excellence in the creative arts and in doing so celebrates their culture, inspires their community and shares their truth - be it through painting, performance, writing or through other gifts such as martial arts. The Shane Yellowbird Memorial Music Award This nominee has a proven track record as a musician, performing artist or professional in the field of music, and can demonstrate their contributions have had a positive and lasting impact within Indigenous communities. This award recognizes the contributions of singers, songwriters, producers, and music professionals. Business Leader This nominee works to advance their community and improve quality of life. Whether feeding the community or putting people in homes, this nominee uses their experiences, to build prosperity for their community. Environmental Stewardship This nominee has shown outstanding dedication to care for Mother Earth by seeking solutions for climate change, to reduce their community’s footprint and restore our lands. Human Rights & Advocacy This nominee represents the voices of our ancestors through their work in acknowledging historical harms and addressing injustice, acting as a powerful change maker in their community and in the nation. Knowledge Seeker This nominee is dedicated, modeling strength and commitment in the pursuit of their personal education path and embrace their own gifts, strengths and potential while celebrating the ways of their people. Health & Medicine This nominee uses land based teachings of ancestors and elders to make a difference to people’s wellbeing and health. They demonstrate a deep knowledge and respect of Indigenous medicine and use their knowledge to empower and heal their communities. Lifetime Journey Award This nominee throughout their life has demonstrates cultural and moral integrity, a warrior that succeeded in achieving their sovereignty. Youth Leadership & Mentorship This nominee believes in their self and fearlessly strikes their own path. They demonstrate responsibility and are compassionate helpers, listening to their family and helping their community while practicing traditional living. Mike Gladue Wounded Warrior Award This nominee has worked to overcome obstacles and has walked a path of healing, breaking the cycle of harm and power, bringing awareness to others. Through their journey of trials and tribulations they have come out stronger with purpose. Father Figure This nominee is a loving, giving and inspiring person who has taken on a father or grandfather role (including non-biological).

Okimaw Awards Nomination Form
Nominations Open April 1st

Nominations Close July 19th, 2024

Are you nominating someone for a 7 Teachings Award? If Yes, see additional section below.
7 Teachings Awards Nomination (Select One Award)
Are you nominating someone for an Okimaw Award? If Yes, see additional section below.
Okimaw Awards Nomination (Select One Award)
Upload Professional Reference/Support Letter 1
Upload Professional Reference/Support Letter 2
Upload Personal Reference/Support Letter 2
Upload Additional Support Materials (news articles, etc)

Please do not share your nominee's personal information without their consent.  The Okimaw Awards does not sell or share personal information submitted by nominators, sponsors, committee members, family or friends of the nominee(s), or personal references.  All information is kept confidential for the safety of our nominees both past and present, and for the integrity of our nomination process.

Thank you for your nomination!

This form no longer accepts submissions.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the nomination form. When completed, email your nomination for along with your letters of reference/support (2 professional and 1 personal) to



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